Hey Guys

I want to thank you so much, your work is awesome, You made me believe in people again, I was convinced that mechanics were crooks until I met you folks. M y truck runs great, no more diesel smell, How do I place a testimonial on your website..? Do you think putting headers on my truck would give it better performance/fuel milage. ?I am also working on designing some type of better air intake. You now got me thinkin performance ,since my truck is pretty quick.

                                                  Thanks wally

The truck is amazing!!  I used to get no better than 16 mpg hwy without towing.  The fuel gauge hardly moved on the ride home and the MPG computer was reading 24.5 at 75 mph.  The truck runs better than new and the power is incredible!!   I am going to write a testimonial on your behalf that you can put on your website.  That PCM upgrade is unreal!! Thanks again.  I was so disappointed with the truck before you fixed it I was ready to sell it.  She is a keeper now!  Absolutely amazing.

Mark A. Breckwoldt, C.P.A.

Hi Ray,
Holly SHXX!!! Why didn't it come from the factory like that ??? Amazing!!! Different truck!! Great  job!! First of all..it is shifting 1000 times better then ever before... way more power that seems to be smoother and more controllable....seems quieter...there is no more "drone" at 21/2200 rpm on the highway...way faster spool up with hold on to your ass torque. had it idling for 10/12 minutes or so and by then it used to kick into a faster .."anti nailing" fast idle to heat it up...does it still do that with the new tune??...So far ...it's running great and I think you did a great job. Got the bug guard today and put it on...no problem!!  Thanks very much for all of your help and hard work and I will definitely recommend your business.

Good morning Ray,

As expected the truck software fix is great ! The truck isn’t rattling and hesitating like it was, of course the truck runs best once it is fully warmed up but before it wouldn’t go over 30 miles per hour and was sending white smoke into the air as if I blew up the motor, until of course it was warmed up, now I can at least drive it and no smoke J.

So thanks again I wish you all the best in opening your own shop.

There are not many honest Diesel shops around if you can be fair priced and continue to be honest with your customers with your expert knowledge you will be very successful.

I personally  have a real good comfort level with you The fact that you where kind & helpful over the internet without even meeting me.

And with the important information you shared with me to help me understand what I need to do to repair the rear and the time you spent sending me information was priceless.

John D. Cella

Good Morning Ray,
         Just wanted to says thanks and give you some feedback. I bought my 2004 F150 new and have had very few problems with it other then a window regulator and the shifter knob. It always had a hard shift when changing gears and I just assumed it was characteristic of the truck, that is until the transmission started giving me trouble recently. I am so glad I called you. Since getting it back from you after you rebuilt the transmission, its like driving a totally different truck, it actually has a much smoother shift with plenty of power, it now runs better then the day I bought it, you and Rich are Great. I also thought it was going to cost a lot more then it did. You should have no problem getting your own business going. Your straight shooters, you don't pull any punches and your honest which is something you don't see to often in your business. You gave me a more then fair price and it was exactly the same price when I picked it up. I will be recommending you guys to everyone I know

Good Luck

Steve Greene

Hi Ray,

Truck runs like new. Drove it to Virginia on vacation. Thanks for the great work and professionalism. We will certainly recommend you to anyone needing repairs.

We will hold on to the estimate. We have every intention of getting the work done but need a little time between repairs.

Thanks, rich

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