The Heads Up Fix

  • Comprehensive Preliminary Diagnosis
  • OEM Software Update
  • Custom EGR Installed
  • Turbo Cleaned and Reconditioned
  • OEM Oil Cooler Kit Installed
  • Clean Reservoir and Oil Passage to High Pressure Pump
  • Revised Reservoir Screen Installed
  • Revised STC Fitting On High Pressure Pump Installed
  • Revised High Pressure Oil Rail Plugs Installed
  • 75 Hp Flash Tune
  • Complete Thermostat Out Coolant Flush With Ford VC-9 Iron Cleaner
  • Oil and Motorcraft Filter Replaced
  • 4 Gal. Motorcraft Premium Gold Coolant
  • Change Fuel Filters.
  • Remove and Clean Fuel Rail Pump Assembly

Complete Package

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